Breastfeeding Two

Breastfeeding Two

Nipple to nose, hold the areola like a hamburger and plunge bub’s face into the target. Repeat for 2nd baby & again if suction is lost…

I always thought that once I mastered the art of breastfeeding, I’d carry the glory & confidence of some fertility goddess, perhaps moved to tears by my own ability to be a “fountain of life” to my babies.

In truth it’s a writhing hustle, an ongoing test of presence, patience and vulnerability, with not much time to take in the magic!

Overstretched fingers, arms wrestling to keep them from flipping off the couch and my hands intercept like angry pythons each time one tries to stab the other in the eye – which is often. Its a laugh, its action packed, it’s beautiful and it’s infuriating.

Having been a massive part of my year, in time spent and lessons learnt, I wanted to share my twin feeding experience this world breast feeding week.

It’s true, it does take a village (2x villages) and thanks to all the help I’ve had, we’re nearly at the 1yr mark. SUPER time-generous and supportive nurses and friends, (inc friends who are conveniently nurses or consultants!) Nath with his superdad radness + my mum (pls excuse cliche) who believed I could do it + always helped me along the way.  Sometimes the hardest part of twinning is how quickly it flies by and the 2 for 1 means split energy + time. Breastfeeding has been no exception!

Knucks to all the Dairy Queens out there, singleton & multiples, I know the blood sweat & tears involved and I salute you!!  And a message to Mums who aren’t or couldn’t breastfeed, please don’t define your value as a parent by whether they’re fed from your body or not. As I’ve learnt, being a parent can really intensify your inner critic and at times it takes so much effort to not jump at any opportunity to beat yourself up. Treat yourself with the same kindness you strive to give them.

Bon x

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