Welcome Lola Mae

Welcome Lola Mae

On the 1st of February 2017 in all grace, a divine little gift arrived for our family… and it was you… our beautiful Lola Mae.

You didn’t wait for the journey to the hospital. There you came, at home with your Mama and Papa, so brave and strong, delivering you into the world, with the wonderful help of Ella (your Auntie) who arrived with me ten minutes earlier, and two ambulance paramedics, who arrived to birth you, only two minutes earlier.

Oh! What a moment! It is hard to find words for this profound moment, when from the bathroom door, I saw you take your first breath, and make your little cry “I am here”..

I felt us all sigh and I found myself saying over and over “oh I love you” from deep in my heart, “she is beautiful”, I heard myself say to your Mama and Papa, as you were laid on your mama’s breast, and began sucking straight away.

Divine light and love seemed to surround us all, in those incredible sacred moments.

You made a beautiful journey little Lola, and you have graced us with your contentment and light these last two weeks. The family have all been together to celebrate your arrival, and I am so deeply touched that you take on your dear great grandmother’s name Lola.. my mother..

She would dearly love you, may you be blessed with her loving, compassionate nature, and her kindness.

You have beautiful, loving wise parents, and a cheeky, curious and loving brother, little Harley… And a loving extended family, who will always love and support you, as you grow.

It is a beautiful world, and it is full of wonder and miracles. Like I remember saying when your dear mama Hannah arrived… “The candles are all alight for your journey”.

May you be blessed with a wonderful life, and always feel protected, and so loved.

While earth herself is adorning this sweet morning, and the children are calling.

In a thousand valleys far and wide.                                                                             

Fresh flowers, while the sun shines warm.                                                                    

And you sleep peacefully and grow contentedly.                                                            

All is well, little Lola Mae…

I love you from the deepest part of my heart.

Your Mimi Xx