Made with Love

Saffron Lane is passionate about helping to ensure every aspect of production is ethical, sustainable and fair for everyone. Each piece contributes to the respect and recognition of skilled women artisans, many of whom are mothers themselves.


We believe sustainability means something different to all of us. At Saffron Lane we feel that sustainable practices are vital for our ethical journey. As a young business we are committed to being transparent about our practices, and to continuously learn and incorporate responsible choices along the way. We believe in encouraging a sustainable and slow-fashion wardrobe, which is why the quality and timeless design of our pieces is so important.


We have worked hard to establish close working relationships with our manufacturers in India and China. We visit the sites of our manufacturers, and see the production process from fabric printing to the final touches. One of the most rewarding experiences as a small business owner, is to have direct influence, and to be able to work closely with our suppliers, to ensure our values are respected.


The joy of ‘slow fashion’ is truly felt, as you watch your collection come to life, piece by piece.

Fashion Revolution

We admire and follow the initiatives of the global movement Fashion Revolution, which believes in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure.


Phasing Out Plastic

We are aware of how much unnecessary plastic the retail industry uses, and as a small business we are committed to the use of sustainable packaging.


Saffron Lane currently sends all packages to customers in compostable mailers,

by Hero Packaging.


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