Our Story

Saffron Lane was inspired when I was looking at photos of my mama pregnant and breastfeeding in the 70’s. Times were different, and there seemed to be a natural freedom of expression and use of beautiful cotton fabrics. These qualities, together with memories of my own pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, inspired me to create a clothing range that embraces timeless design elements, natural fabrics and beautiful feminine prints.


For me, as a collector of special pieces, the heart of Saffron Lane is in the beautiful details, and connections made. From the moment a collection is created, to the very last finishing touches, every piece is part of a long and creative journey. I feel so much joy as I travel abroad, to see our beautiful handmade collections finally coming to life.


As a mum of two little worldly dreamers, I have created Saffron Lane with mindfulness around our children’s future. As our journey continues I am passionate about making conscious decisions surrounding the ethics and sustainable practices of our brand.


I feel honoured to be living my dream, sharing special collections that celebrate and cherish the strength and beauty of all women, and their journeys.